FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES: Mikhail Lermontov’s ‘A Hero of Our Time’, trans. by Elizabeth Cheresh Allen

Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of our Time, translated by Elizabeth Cheresh Allen (Northwestern University Press, 1840/2016) By Alex Fleming “You’ll say to me again that an individual can’t be so bad, but I’ll say to… Continue reading

BRECHT AND MAM: Anakana Schofield’s ‘Martin John’

Anakana Schofield Martin John (And Other Stories, 2016) By Xenobe Purvis Consider this: never in Nabokov’s Lolita do we actually meet Humbert Humbert’s mother. She is mentioned briefly on the second page; “My very photogenic… Continue reading

BEHIND THE PASTORAL: Cynan Jones’ ‘Cove’

ECOCRITICISM NOW: The essays, reviews, and poetry collected in this thread trace responses to the interlinked terms nature, ecology, and ecocriticism, all of which have come to occupy increasingly important roles in a… Continue reading


Photo: Peter Iain Campbell /   There’s a woman standing at the helm TEN of vessel number two and her hair is as black as a coal seam. Her fogged-up eyes are squinting,… Continue reading


ALISTAIR NOON‘s publications include two collections from Nine Arches Press (The Kerosene Singing, 2015, and Earth Records, 2012, shortlisted for the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize), a collaboration with Giles Goodland (Surveryors’ Riddles, 2015,… Continue reading

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Steve Mentz

Irina Dumitrescu, ed. Rumba under Fire: The Arts of Survival from West Point to Delhi (Punctum Books) Amid laments about the crisis of the humanities, it’s good to read about the power of humanities… Continue reading

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Samuel Tongue

Rebecca Perry – Beauty/Beauty (Bloodaxe, 2015) Rebecca Perry was invited to read (along with Helen Mort) as part of the St Mungo’s Mirrorball poetry events at Aye Write this year. Both are accomplished… Continue reading

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Catriona Knapman

Anthony Marra A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (Hogarth) I rarely like a novel as much as I enjoyed A Constellation. I read it when I was sick, I had lost my voice, had a fever… Continue reading

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: P.W. Bridgman

  Karen Solie The Road in is Not the Same Road Out (House of Anansi) Some of what we Canadians export to the rest of the world properly attracts controversy.  Oil, asbestos (until recently)… Continue reading

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Rosie Mapplebeck

As someone who tells stories for a living I find myself reading very widely, for background about material and to understand my audience. This was the first year I have managed to attend… Continue reading