Short Fiction


October 2017

Tender Care – by Elissa Soave

August 2017

Night Oot (An Evening to Remember) – by Alasdair MacQuarrie

May 2017

Tiber – Picture of a Drowned Image – by Max Eevi

April 2017

Another Little Piece – by Rebecca Smith

March 2017

Gideon the Idol Maker – by Craig Burnett

February 2017

The Only Cable Car in Ireland – by Rob Doran

Specimens – by Sally Roberts

January 2017

My Loving Blood – by Judy Upton

March of the Monoliths – by Martin Cathcart Froden

December 2016

Mending Zebra Crossing – by Helmi Ben Meriem

November 2016

Cricket and Chapattis – by Srishti Chaudhary

October 2016

The Scarecrows of Istanbul – by Defne Cizakca and Omer Tevfik Erten

No Writers Were Harmed in the Making of this Whiskey – by P.W. Bridgman

September 2016

20p Domino – by T.L. Huchu

The Inflamed Eye – by Jessica Sequiera

Sitka Spruce – by Gerard Lee McKeever

November 2015

Beyond the Garden: A Love Story – by Chin Li

October 2014

Cooking for One – by Chin Li

September 2014

The Corner of Victoria and Albert – by MJ Corrigan