SAM KOLINSKI is a  Glasgow-based writer. He loves polysemy and is massively indebted to both Sam Willetts’ first collection ‘New Light for the Old Dark’ and the letter D, as well as John Burnside, who nudged him in the right direction. His poems have appeared in art zines and online journals, including The Glad Rag and The Grind, and he was recently short-listed for the 2014 Jane Martin Poetry Prize. You can read some of his published work over at his website. He hopes to one day collaborate with Sothko and is currently developing the content of a first chapbook.

DAVID POLLARD was born under the bed in 1942 and he has been furniture salesman, accountant, TEFL teacher and university lecturer. He got his three degrees from the University of Sussex and has since taught at the universities of Sussex, Essex and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he was a Lady David Scholar. He has published The Poetry of Keats: Language and Experience (Harvester Press and Barnes & Noble, 1984) which was his doctoral thesis, A KWIC Concordance to the Harvard Edition of Keats’ Letters (Geraldson Imprints, 1993), a novel, Nietzsche’s Footfalls (Geraldson Imprints, 2001), and four volumes of poetry, patricides (Waterloo Press, 2006), Risk of Skin (Waterloo Press, 2011), bedbound (Perdika Press, 2011) and Self-Portraits. He has also been published in other volumes and in academic journals and poetry magazines. His website is at:

SALLY EVANS has published several books of poetry including The Bees (Diehard, 2008) andPoetic Adventures in Scotland (Diehard, 2014) both available at Glasgow’s new poetry bookshop Tell It Slant. She is the editor of the Poetry Scotland broadsheet and runs Kings Bookshop Callander with her husband.

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