Three Poems by Taylor Strickland

Prospect Hill

Sprawling walnut &  
blue spruce colonnaded the northern turn 
we would walk through  
                       unendingly slatted light 
           coffees in-hand the freshest  
from up thirteenth ave 
                       after the long nightshift you always  
just finished still wearing scrubs you held your tongue
you said when the doctor held you  
like coffee
I thought twice over 
everything I thought twice over 
everything I thought
                                     insecurity was the engraver  
beetle that stripped Denver alive heartwood-to-husk
& only Lola with her tail wagging  
would gimme paw

Leland Blue

Law made you 
you  for us who 
knew  you in law 

the same  as your 
legal name 

who knew  
esquire rhymed 
with father-in-law
it doesn’t try as 
you  might were 

more than 
a memory  of one 
on the lake wading  

clearest of clear 
water when you 

from your 
reflection  a Leland 
that slag-glass  

of self you 
noticed you 
showed us

Questions for the Editor

Do we still peddle that sensational class, some 
hand-me-down advice: murder your darlings? 

My shoot-em-up country become a mass photo 
shoot instead? Wouldn’t it be nice if meaning
were man, if the Word truly were messiah & not 
just Microsoft Word – everyone & everything
disguised in silence rather than messages no one 
understands? Why, why murder our darlings
when we can stare at their beautiful faces?

About the author

Taylor Strickland is a poet and translator from the United States. He is the author of Commonplace Book and Dastram/Delirium,(both with Broken Sleep Books). Recently, his poem ‘The Low Road’ was adapted by American composer, Andrew Kohn, and performed in Orkney. His poem ‘Nine Whales, Tiree’ is in the process of being adapted to film with filmmaker Olivia Booker and composer Fee Blumenthaler. He is currently a doctoral candidate in literary translation at the University of Glasgow, and he lives in Glasgow, with his wife, Lauren.

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