Three Scottish (Kathrine Sowerby, William Letford, MacGillivray) and one Welsh poet (Llyr Gwyn Lewis) travelled to Riga in late 2017 to work on translations with Latvian poets Inga Pizāne, Aivars Eduards, Katrīna Rudzīte, and Henriks Eliass Zēgners. The latter then travelled back to Scotland in 2018 to perform with the UK-based poets. Some of the results of these intensive workshops are published in this series. The events were organised by Ryan van Winkle and Inga Vareva, and generously supported by the Scottish Poetry Library, British Council and Latvian Literature.

Kintija Puzāne provided bridge-translations to the Scottish and Latvian poets.

KATRĪNA RUDZĪTE (born 1991, previously published as Katrīna Kuduma) is a Latvian poet and student of anthropology. Her debut collection Saulesizplūdums/Blur of the Sun (Literatūras kombains, 2014) earned her the Annual Latvian Literature Award in 2015. She writes about literature, culture and social issues. Her poems, critiques and opinion pieces have been published in Satori, the literary magazine Karogs, and many other newspapers and online outlets. Rudzīte has participated in the prestigious Young Authors Seminar and the Prose Workshops led by the Writers’ Union and Literary Academy.

‘jūs labāk par mani’ / ‘Better than I do’ is translated by MacGillivray

Kino’ / ‘Cinema’ is translated by William Letford.

Click here for a PDF version of the dual-language poems – Poems_from_Translation_Workshop_Riga_2017 (4)