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LYRIC MEDIUMS: Kate Bush’s ‘How To Be Invisible’


Kate Bush How To Be Invisible (Faber, 2018) by Becky Varley-Winter In her lyrics to ‘The Sensual World’, Kate Bush draws inspiration from Molly Bloom, the ‘Penelope’ figure and ‘mountain flower’ whose orgasm… Continue reading

IN THE NINETIES, WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG: Stuart David’s ‘In the All-Night Café’


This piece is part of our Life in the 21st Century City thread, an occasional series of reviews, essays and travelogues. It seeks to explore the felt reality of world cities today and the experience of… Continue reading

THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF THE DIVINE: Anne Cuneo’s ‘Tregian’s Ground’, translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie and Roland Glasser


Anne Cuneo, Tregian’s Ground: The Life and Sometimes Secret Adventures of Francis Tregian, Gentleman and Musician, translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie and Roland Glasser (And Other Stories, 2015) By S.J.L.Constantine The late Anne… Continue reading

IN RECOVERY: Guy Mankowski’s ‘How I Left The National Grid’


Guy Mankowski How I Left The National Grid (Roundfire, 2015) by Laura Waddell Describing itself as “a post-punk novel”, Guy Mankowski’s How I Left The National Grid is written from the alternating perspective of Robert… Continue reading