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GERMAN HISTORY IN FICTION 2: A Conversation with Douglas Irving


Translator and literary scholar Anne Stokes met Douglas Irving to talk about his translation of Anna Seghers’ short novel Crossing: A Love Story (Überfahrt), which appeared in East Germany in 1971 and was… Continue reading

SWALLOW SUMMER: An Interview with Lyn Marven on translating Larissa Boehning


Larissa Boehning, Swallow Summer, translated by Lyn Marven (Comma Press, 2016) Larissa Boehning’s debut collection Schwalbensommer is as short as it is rich in life experience. Lyn Marven made these short stories available… Continue reading

THAT QUALITY OF THE GREAT BOXERS: The Battle of the Benns in Michael Hofmann and David Paisey’s translations


Gottfried Benn Impromptus: Selected Poems, translated by Michael Hofmann (Faber and Faber 2013) Gottfried Benn Selected Poems and Prose, translated by David Paisey (Carcanet 2013) by Henry King   That quality of the great boxers… Continue reading