Translation Submissions

PLEASE NOTE – We are currently closed for submissions. Call-outs for new submissions will be issued via our social media channels on Instagram and Twitter in the course of the year. So, please follow our accounts to be sure you are first to hear of any new call-outs.

We welcome translations of a variety of styles, backgrounds and approaches, ranging from poetry to prose, drama, and creative non-fiction, from flash fiction to short stories and novel fragments (no more than 3,000 words), from haikus to epic poetry (of no more than 100 lines) and including all languages. There is no set deadline for submissions.

A few things to consider before you submit:

We want to know how translators go about their work, what decisions they make, what they think when reading a poem or prose text. While this sounds like an obvious process to you as a translator, it will be fascinating for others, translators and non-translators, and contributes to enhancing the public profile of translators more generally. That’s why we publish translations accompanied by a commentary or translator’s preface (up to 3,000 words).

Please ensure that you have been granted permission from the copyright holder of the work you have translated (usually the author or publisher) to publish your translation. The author might also be in the public domain (e.g. UK authors enter the public domain 70 years after their death). Refer to the copyright laws applicable to the writer you are translating, as the copyright regulations vary from country to country.

Submissions should include:

– Your translation
– The original text
– A statement ensuring you have permission to publish the translation (see copyright issues above)
– A commentary on your translation (see above)
– A short blurb about you, including blogs and twitter handle

Please not that we operate as a not-for-profit journal and are therefore unable to remunerate submissions. In line with our Creative Commons license, the translator retains copyright to their work but we request that the Glasgow Review of Books be cited as the site of first publication.

Please email your work as attachments (Word or PDF) to glasgowreview [at] gmail [.] com, writing “Translation Submission” in the subject line.

We very much look forward to reading your work.