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The Burden of Gratitude: ‘The Ungrateful Refugee’ by Dina Nayeri


Dina Nayeri, The Ungrateful Refugee (Canongate, 2018) By Lynnda Wardle Living in a crumbling Italian hotel-turned-refugee camp, the 8-year old Dina Nayeri witnesses a story as old as time itself. While everyone waits… Continue reading

JUST A GAME: THE FOOTBALL CRÓNICAS, edited by Jethro Soutar and Tim Girven


The Football Crónicas, edited by Jethro Soutar and Tim Girven (Ragpicker Press, 2014) Artwork by Ernesto Muñiz, used with permission of the publisher. by Rebecca DeWald and Mark West Rebecca: Knowing that I… Continue reading