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ANTHROPOCENE FLOTSAM: Steve Mentz’s ‘Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization, 1550-1719’


ECOCRITICISM NOW: The essays, reviews, and poetry collected in this thread trace responses to the interlinked terms nature, ecology, and ecocriticism, all of which have come to occupy increasingly important roles in a… Continue reading

WRITING THE SELF: ‘The Letterbooks of John Evelyn’ (eds. Douglas D. C. Chambers and David Galbraith) and the Art of Communication


Douglas D. C. Chambers and David Galbraith eds., The Letterbooks of John Evelyn, 2 volumes (University of Toronto Press, 2014) By Patrick J. Murray The writer John Evelyn had a high opinion of… Continue reading

“THE LINES WE WRITE”: Middleton and Dekker’s Co-Written Pamphlets


Suzanne Gossett ed., Thomas Middleton in Context, (Cambridge University Press, 2011) Gary Taylor and Trish Thomas Henley eds., The Oxford Handbook of Thomas Middleton (Oxford University Press, 2012) By Eilidh Kane In 1603… Continue reading