December 2016

‘Woman Sunbathing in Bridgeton’, ‘Barflower’, and ‘My Mother’s Funeral’ by Magi Gibson.

‘This is Not a Cosmic Poem’, ‘Convulsions in the Media’, and ‘An End of Flight’ by Jill Jones.

November 2016

‘Casualities’ and ‘Triolet‘ by Andrew Neilson.

‘Preferring Others’ and ‘Remittance’ by George J. Farrah.

‘Anadromy’ and ‘Horse Mask’ by Tracy Patrick.

‘The Potato Eaters’ by Eileen Farrelly.

October 2016

‘The Landlady isn’t Dead, Just Moved Somewhere Less Terrible’ and ‘Four-Legged Christ‘ by David Ross Linklater.

‘Northern Ireland after the Referendum’ by R. K. Wallace.

September 2016

‘After Dark’ and ‘Scrump’ by Russell Jones.

‘A Penny for the Forth’ by Brian Johnstone.

‘Eternity in a Flower’, ‘4th of July’, and ‘The Village’ by Alan Britt.

August 2016

‘disappearing into a divine mental illness’ and ‘beyond dogma while i was starving’ by Mary Kasimor.

‘Hold Him’ by Marie-Therese Taylor.

June 2016

‘where we are scattered’, ‘when mountains make champagne’ and ‘eldorado’ by Nathaneal Urie.

May 2016

High White Clouds’ by Gary Allen.

Thank you, Dimitri Shostakovich, for Waltz No. 2′ by Sheila Hamilton.

‘Make/Do’ by Henry Bell.

‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’, ‘Annie Dowson’, and ‘Wormwood’ by Kevin Cahill.

April 2016

‘Ices’, ‘L’amour de Fromage’, and ‘Bee’ by Tariq Latif.

‘Losing It’, ‘Night-light Robbery’, and ‘Reassigning Memories’ by Rosie Mapplebeck.

March 2016

‘Inside, One-Up Left, 1961’ and ‘Outside, One-Up Left, 1961’ by David Moffat.

The Kidney Consultant’s Hairclip’, ‘In Zero Gravity’, and ‘Forest Edge’ by Ken Evans.

February 2016

Magpies’, ‘Night Poinsettias’, and ‘The Owl Girl’ by Marion McCready.

‘In a Room with History’, ‘Let Us’, and ‘A Line in the Sand’ by Bruno Diaz.

January 2016

‘Dispatch’ by Brian Robert Flynn.

‘Learnt Lines’ by Rachel Tennant.

‘Candle Flame on the Clyde’ by Howard Singerman.

‘Crianlarich’, ‘Cantankerous’ and ‘News’ by Stuart A. Paterson.