In this thread, contributors take us on literary, musical, photographic and essayistic journeys of the mind and around the world. Much like travelling itself, these travelogues come in the form of prolonged journeys, single outings and remarkable experiences and events.


July 2015

SCALES/PATTERNS by Tom White. In the photo essay, travelogue and soundscape Scales/Patterns Tom White, editor of the Ecocriticism Now thread, visits Iceland for the New Chaucer Society Congress and remembers the contributions and topics covered in the thread so far.

November 2014

EAST OF EAST KILBRIDE: MY JOURNEY BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN – A PHOTO ESSAY by Fiona Rintoul. In 1986, Fiona Rintoul travelled from her home in East Kilbride to the Karl Marx University Leipzig (KMU) to study German for a term. This trip behind the Iron Curtain led to a lifelong fascination with Eastern Europe and the former German Democratic Republic. Rintoul’s first novel, The Leipzig Affair, is set in the bleakly beautiful world of 1980s’ East Germany. It tells the story of a doomed love affair between Robert, a young Scot studying at KMU in 1985, and Magda, an East German woman desperate to flee. Here, Rintoul takes us on a photo journey through the East Germany she knew, highlighting some of the places that inspired her novel.

July 2014

ORFORD NESS PENINSULA: A PHOTO ESSAY by Graham Riach. The Orford Ness peninsula is a shingle spit that juts out of the Suffolk Coast. Now a National Trust nature reserve, it was once controlled by the Ministry of Defence and used as a secret testing site for military hardware. Wooden buildings remain from the trials of early radar and otherworldly concrete pagodas for testing bomb triggers stud the horizon, their roofs designed to collapse in case of accident. This photo essay is part of our ongoing Ecocriticism Now thread.

Since March 2014

ARGENTINE TRAVELOGUE by Rebecca DeWald. In 2014, editor Rebecca DeWald travelled to Argentina and took books of and about Argentine literature with her, a literature which is receiving more and more attention in English at the moment. In this thread she offers travel accounts about books, Argentina and translation, and makes a few excursions into post-travel literature.