December 2018

‘Pentecost’ by Sheri Benning.

‘ATA Girl’ and ‘Device’ by Brian Johnstone.

‘The Quietness of Coffee’ and ‘That Early Whiteness’ by Terence John.

November 2018

‘Midsummer’, ‘Lamp’, and ‘At a Glance’ by Robin Fulton Macpherson.

‘Today’ by Ruth Valentine.

Thi Unoffishal Toorist Guide Oootside Glesca Central’ by Owen Gallagher.

‘Paperman’ by A. C. Clarke.

October 2018

‘Chico – The Reality’, ‘Mist an Chitters’, and ‘The Good Ship Brexit Sets Sail’ by Stuart A. Paterson.

‘Atalanta in the High Atlas’, ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’, and ‘The Ship’ by Jane Clarke.

September 2018

‘Julian’s Bower’, ‘The Shell Inspector, Fidden, Isle of Mull’, and ‘Sisyphus’s Sentence’ by Seth Crook.

my heart is not sweet it is hungry and it’s always lighter at the horizon by Eloise Hendy.

August 2018

‘Men Adapting Short Stories’, ‘Men in Rome’, and ‘Men and Their Children’ by Mark Russell.

‘The Triune Brain: Reptile, Limbic and Neo-Cortex’ and ‘The Sage of the Stomach’ by Paul Scully.

‘Grandiose Ideas Of Islands’ by Terence John.

July 2018

Poems after the Scottish Colourists by Carly Brown.

‘Holidays in the Sun’, ‘Lean Intricacy’, and ‘Finesse’ by Adam Day.

June 2018

‘Premeditation‘ by Jock Stein.

‘scene from trainspotting as it relates to self’ by Alison Whitelock.

‘One Evening in Ten’ by Bruce McRae.

From the Book of Revelation: Chapters 6, 7, and 8 by Rob A. Mackenzie.

May 2018

‘Redgate Poem’ by Robert Wood.

‘Ramanujan talks to Hardy’ and ‘Incidental’ by Tariq Latif.

‘Quo Vadis?’ by Henry King.

‘Road to Philanderer Central & Cupboard Love’ by Irene Cunningham.

‘Lucky’ and ‘Before the Earth’ by Kelli Simpson.

March 2018

‘Thirteen Feet’, ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Goat Eyes’ by Tom Paine.

‘Frog March’ by Niall McGrath.

‘Requiem for a People’ by Tony D’Arpino.

‘(de) materializeby Seneca Basoalto.

February 2018

‘Julie and the Planets’, ‘Renfield’, and ‘Notable Globsters’ by Louise Peterkin.

‘Selche Mothyre’ and ‘the yland in Septembre’ by Lindsey Shields Waters.

‘ur‘ by Frank McHugh.

January 2018 

‘Carlingford’ by Francis O’Hare.

‘Driving Conversation: Texas as Text’ by A. K. Thaysen. 

‘salutations’ by Toby Sharpe.

‘The Sin’, ‘Mychal’, and ‘Poetry Is Failure By Other Means’ by Zohar Atkins.