December 2015

‘Stones’, ‘Wave and July’ and ‘Moths (and Witches)’ by Knotbrook Taylor.

November 2015

‘Language Wars’, ‘Teaching the Unconsciousand ‘Unimportance’ by Michael Farrell.

October 2015

‘Adjacent Species Like You’ and ‘Macaroni (Song for Bomkauf)’ by Jenson Leonard.

‘Drift’ and ‘AA’ by Ashley-Elizabeth Best.

‘Newspapir Boy Meets Goliath’, ‘The “Whisky Fairy”‘, and ‘Cat-flap Wi Bells’ by Owen Gallagher.

September 2015

‘Seashore’, ‘City Break’, ‘Remembering Back’ and ‘Brick Dust’ by Kate Tough.

From a Problem with the Thickness of the Grease Inside the Bodyand ‘Some Dancers Inherit a Deficit’ by Ryan Vance.

‘Routes’ by Ross Wilson.

August 2015

‘WHAT GREATER MAP THAN ONE MARKED OUT BY THINGS THEMSELVES?’, and ‘Angel with a Wonky Wing’ by Seth Crook.

‘January 11th, 4 Days After Charlie Hebdo’ by Sheila Hamilton.

Three excerpts from ‘Brazil, Indiana’ by Brian Beatty.

July 2015

Playtime’, ‘Goliath‘, and ‘Drink’ by David Cooke.

Selected Poems from ‘Fault Line’ by Gerry Loose.

June 2015

‘Hatched inside’, ‘Valsaintes’, and ‘On Stukeley Street’ by Martyn Crucefix.

May 2015

‘The Weight’, ‘Sisters of Mercy’, andWeldon Kees in New York’ by Brian Johnstone.

‘Gallows House’, ‘Future, Refused’, and ‘One for Sorrow’ by Pippa Little.

‘The Royal Prince of the Lozi’, ‘October’, and ‘Baobab’ by Eveline Pye.

April 2015

‘On Hearing of Your Suicide Twenty Years Late’, ‘Marrekech’, ‘Parchment’, and ‘Ne’erdayists’ by William Bonar.

Marlboro Country Remembered’, ‘Hunting Season‘, and ‘Falling Asleep in a 300 Year-old Industrial Cottage in Derbyshire Surrounded by Star Wars Action Figuresby Katy Giebenhain.

March 2015

‘Emergency Room’ by Geoffrey Nilson.

‘The Matchstick Girl’ by Sam Kolinski.

‘Burns Night’ by Derek Parkes.

Two Nuns at the Check-in Desk’, ‘The Soul Register’, and The Rydale Spearsby James McGonigal.

February 2015

‘Found these Synchronicities’ by David Linklater.

‘Hunting’ and ‘Lowlands’ by Mary Catherine Kinniburgh.

‘Coastline Disturbance’, ‘New World Monkey’ and ‘Corridors and Caves’ by Kathrine Sowerby.

January 2015

‘Study of Passerby’, ‘Routine’ and ‘Vignette’ by Conley Lowrance.

Poem for Frank O’HaraandCrummock Waterby Samuel Reilly.

Amorous Birds of Play-by-Play by Joe Linker.

The Necessary Use of Proper Namesby Matt Macdonald.