August/September 2019 Selection

‘Blood-Test Poetics’ by Robin Leiper. 

Drinking Tea in Ramallah’ by Pippa Little.

‘Mist’ by Leela Soma.

Vancouver Street To Humanities Park’ by Terence John.

‘Punctuation’ by Stephen Keeler.

July/August 2019 Selection

‘Spelling the Rainbow’ by Elizabeth Rimmer.

‘Road to Perdition’ by Thomas Stewart.

‘a shipment arrives at Garston docks’ and ‘broken apples’ by Michael Egan.

June/July 2019 Selection

The Bathroom’ and ‘Tick’ by Iain Twiddy.

Pre-Cambrian’ by Fred Johnston.

‘Leisure Waters’ by Siún Carden.

May/June 2019 Selection

Desolation‘ and ‘Horses‘ by Cheryl Follon.

‘Thin Place’ by Mhairi Owens.

‘holding it together’ and ‘her mouth was soft‘ by Nathanael Urie.

April/May 2019 Selection

‘Rosa Bonheur, Who Was Criticized For Being Too Real’ and ‘The Great Discovery’ by Sheila Hamilton.

‘Naming the River’ by Clare Phillips.

Galileo‘ by Paul Laughlin.

‘The Ghosting’ and ‘Angel’ by Neil Flynn.

March 2019

‘Just another Monday morning‘ by Matthew Stewart.

‘Swan Song’ by Mat Riches.

‘Love the Fiber Optics’ by Ralph Monday.

‘After the Snow Queen’, ‘Hida Takayama’, and ‘Japanese Grey Heron’ by Rose van Son.

‘Watching Andy Goldsworthy being collected in a taxi’, ‘My Mother’s Kitchen’, and ‘The Supply Teacher’s Last Lesson‘ by Hugh McMillan.

February 2019

‘Life Class’, ‘Place de l’Horloge’ and ‘Quiet City’ by Stephen Keeler.

January 2019

‘Logical Conclusion’ and ‘Orchards – 8 … 16’ by B. Anne Adriaens.

‘The Seventies’ by David Cameron.

‘Love’s only a letter away’ and ‘Some versions of Pastoral by William Empson’ by Tim Love.