March 2018

‘Frog March’ by Niall McGrath.

‘Requiem for a People’ by Tony D’Arpino.

‘(de) materializeby Seneca Basoalto.

February 2018

‘Julie and the Planets’, ‘Renfield’, and ‘Notable Globsters’ by Louise Peterkin.

‘Selche Mothyre’ and ‘the yland in Septembre’ by Lindsey Shields Waters.

‘ur‘ by Frank McHugh.

January 2018 

‘Carlingford’ by Francis O’Hare.

‘Driving Conversation: Texas as Text’ by A. K. Thaysen. 

‘salutations’ by Toby Sharpe.

‘The Sin’, ‘Mychal’, and ‘Poetry Is Failure By Other Means’ by Zohar Atkins.