May 2017

‘Descent’, ‘Accounting for Elspeth McQueen, Kirkcudbright 1689’ and ‘Birthday’ by Hugh McMillan.

April 2017

‘Cloud Mastery’, ‘From a Very High Window’, and ‘Where Olav H. Hauge Lived’ by Robin Fulton Macpherson.

March 2017

‘Sun-Dog Express’ by Alex Houen and Geoff Gilbert.

‘Reunion – Our Suburban Lingua’ and ‘Life Savers’ by Rico Craig.

‘A message to be dwelt upon another time’ and ‘Aln Adanthanson/Aaron Anderson’ by Larry D. Thacker.

‘taijitu’ by Sean Wai Keung.

February 2017

‘a window box’ and ‘on ercol’ by Jonathan Coward.

‘Nothing Unbroken’ by Alex McMillan.

‘The Desk’, ‘The Winter-tree in Spring’, and ‘Poem without Words’ by Stephen Keeler.

January 2017

‘Hunger’ and ‘Cellular Communication’ by Tariq Latif.

‘Soldiers’ Graves’ by Eleni Cay.

‘The Callaghan Pilot Light’, ‘Turnfurlong’, and ‘The Grammar’ by Alistair Noon.