March 2019

‘Just another Monday morning‘ by Matthew Stewart.

‘Swan Song’ by Mat Riches.

‘Love the Fiber Optics’ by Ralph Monday.

‘After the Snow Queen’, ‘Hida Takayama’, and ‘Japanese Grey Heron’ by Rose van Son.

‘Watching Andy Goldsworthy being collected in a taxi’, ‘My Mother’s Kitchen’, and ‘The Supply Teacher’s Last Lesson‘ by Hugh McMillan.

February 2019

‘Life Class’, ‘Place de l’Horloge’ and ‘Quiet City’ by Stephen Keeler.

January 2019

‘Logical Conclusion’ and ‘Orchards – 8 … 16’ by B. Anne Adriaens.

‘The Seventies’ by David Cameron.

‘Love’s only a letter away’ and ‘Some versions of Pastoral by William Empson’ by Tim Love.