November 2018

‘We have to have Nora Gomringer!’ Editor Rebecca DeWald speaks to translator Annie Rutherford about translating poet and performer Nora Gomringer from German, published as Hydra’s Heads by Burning Eye Books, about feminism, fairy-tales, Jewish culture in the UK and Germany, dog leashes, kinky sex and dancing the ‘Dashing White Sergeant’.

February 2018

“There is little time for our secret dance”: Claire Archibald interviews Australian poet Rico Craig on his debut collection, Bone Ink, masculinity, and the Australian poetry scene.

September 2017

German History in Fiction 2: A Conversation with Douglas Irving. Translator and literary scholar Anne Stokes met Douglas Irving to talk about his translation of Anna Seghers’ short novel Crossing: A Love Story (Überfahrt), which appeared in East Germany in 1971 and was published in translation by Diálogos in 2016.

August 2017

An Interview with Ever Dundas about her debut novel Goblin (Freight Books, 2017) by Lisa Guidarini, who met Dundas in the run-up to this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival.

May 2017

An Obscure and Unusual Window Onto a City: Jason Donald’s Dalila by Lynnda Wardle. In this piece – part travelogue, part interview, part review – Wardle goes on a dérive through Glasgow neighbourhoods Govan, Ibrox and Cessnock with to talk about his second novel, Dalila, which centres on the asylum process in Britain, with Cessnock’s UK Visa&Immigration centre at its heart.

October 2016

A CONVERSATION WITH MARGOT LIVESEY – by Anne Kniggendorf. Livesey talks about her new novel Mercury.

September 2016

SWALLOW SUMMER: An Interview with Lyn Marven on translating Larissa Boehning – by Rebecca DeWald, as part of Women in Translation Month 2016, #WITMonth. –

January 2015

GERMAN HISTORY IN FICTION: A CONVERSATION WITH FIONA RINTOUL – by Anne Stokes. Translator and German literary scholar Anne Stokes met Fiona Rintoul to talk about her translation of the WWI novel Outside Verdun by Arnold Zweig, Rintoul’s own debut novel The Leipzig Affair, set in the GDR, their mutual interest in translation and their shared experience of life in the GDR in the 1980s.

November 2014

THE TOXIC DOMESTIC – by Michael O’Brien. An interview with Katharine Grant, about her first adult novel Sedition.

April 2014

FATE, COINCIDENCE, LIFE ITSELF – by Rebecca DeWald. An interview with Beth Fowler on her translations of Iosi Havilio’s novels, translating and Argentina.

March 2014

WHERE THE RIVER ENDS AND THE SEA BEGINS – by Richie McCafferyAn Interview with Stewart Conn on poetry past and present. You can find Richie’s review of the Edinburgh Makar’s new book here.

JETZTZEIT ARCHIVE – by Amy Bromley. An interview with artists Janice Galloway and Shauna McMullan about their contributions to Glasgow Women’s Library’s 21 Revolutions.

May 2013

EILEEN JOY, CO-DIRECTOR OF PUNCTUM BOOKS – by Tom White. An interview about digital online publishing, open access and the future of academic publishing.