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READS OF THE YEAR 2014: Rebecca DeWald


Agua by Eduardo Berti, translated by Alexander Cameron and Paul Buck (Pushkin Press, 2003 [1997]) This short novel came to me by way of the Argentine Travelogue I began early in 2014 and… Continue reading

COOKING FOR ONE – A short story by Chin Li


When the alarm went off, she was jolted out of her vanishing dream (like a bird, it flew away). Instinctively, her arm reached across to the other side of the bed. The other… Continue reading

THE CORNER OF VICTORIA & ALBERT – A short story by MJ Corrigan


This story has previously been published on MJ Corrigan’s blog #9 Dream. On the corner of Victoria and Albert, I watched as the rain washed the blond sandstone of the buildings opposite a… Continue reading