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A REFUGE FOR COMPLEXITY: Alessandro Baricco’s ‘The Young Bride’ (La sposa giovane), translated into English by Ann Goldstein


Alessandro Baricco, The Young Bride, translated by Ann Goldstein (Europa Editions, 2016) By Liliya Aleksandrova Transparency would require full disclosure of the fact that Alessandro Baricco’s name is certain to appear towards the… Continue reading

MATERIALITY IN AND AFTER DEATH: ‘Bella mia’ by Donatella di Pietrantonio, trans. Franca Scurti Simpson


Donatella di Pietrantonio, Bella mia, translated by Franca Scurti Simpson (Calisi Press, 2016) By Liliya Aleksandrova Some years ago, when I was back in the Northwest of Bulgaria for a few months in… Continue reading