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The Burden of Gratitude: ‘The Ungrateful Refugee’ by Dina Nayeri


Dina Nayeri, The Ungrateful Refugee (Canongate, 2018) By Lynnda Wardle Living in a crumbling Italian hotel-turned-refugee camp, the 8-year old Dina Nayeri witnesses a story as old as time itself. While everyone waits… Continue reading

TRANSLATED LIVES: Louise Bourgeois and Annie Ernaux


Annie Ernaux, The Years, trans. Alison L. Strayer (London: Fitzcarraldo, 2018; first published as Les Années, 2008) Jean Frémon, Now, Now, Louison, trans. Cole Swenson (London: Les Fugitives, 2018) By Becky Varley-Winter In… Continue reading

AESTHETICS OF THE CREPUSCULAR: Esther Kinsky’s ‘River’, trans. by Iain Galbraith


Esther Kinsky, River, trans. by Iain Galbraith (Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2018) By Daniel Davis Wood Only a few pages into Esther Kinsky’s River, I began to anticipate a very particular word. Sure enough, fifty or… Continue reading

A BILINGUAL NOTICE: ‘Suite for Barbara Loden’ by Nathalie Léger, translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon


Nathalie Léger, Suite for Barbara Loden, translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon (Les Fugitives, 2015) By Delaina Haslam It is months, and months, and months since my editor asked me to do… Continue reading

METONYMY, OR DAPPLED TRANSLATION: Robin Munby translates Vadim Muratkhanov


Translator’s Preface: Metonomy, or Dappled Translation by Robin Munby “Cultures cannot be translated”. These are the words of translation scholar Ovidi Carbonell.[1] While shorn of their context they may sound like little more… Continue reading