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HEY: On Thomas Meyer’s translation of Beowulf


Thomas Meyer, Beowulf: a translation (New York: punctum books, 2012) By Tom White The survival of premodern works of literature owes much to chance; those that study such texts at once lament the works we… Continue reading

AFTER THE FALL: American Literature after 9/11


Richard Gray, After the Fall: American Literature Since 9/11 (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) by Daniel O’Gorman A great deal of critical writing has been published on ‘9/11 literature’ over the last decade, much of… Continue reading

WHEN THE MEASURING STICK IS RAVAGED – On Mark Fisher and Justin Barton’s On Vanishing Land and Jessica Warboys’s Pageant Roll


Mark Fisher and Justin Barton – On Vanishing Land. At The Showroom, 6 February – 30 March 2013 Jessica Warboys – Pageant Roll. At the Whitechapel Gallery, 16 January – 15 April 2013, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 16… Continue reading