LILAC CANOPIES, STAR-LIKE APPLES AND RAKIA: Liliya Aleksandrova translates Antina Zlatkova

by Liliya Aleksandrova Antina Zlatkova was born in 1990 in Montana, Bulgaria. She currently lives in Vienna, Austria. Her first collection of poems, Кораби от хартия (Paper ships) was published in Bulgaria in… Continue reading

A TINY BLOW: Kathleen Jamie reads from ‘The Bonniest Companie’ in Edinburgh

Kathleen Jamie The Bonniest Companie (Picador Poetry, 2015), launched on 29th October 2015 at Out of the Blue in Edinburgh By Naomi Richards 2014 was the year Kathleen Jamie, inspired by the energy of… Continue reading

A POLITICAL TOUR OF ISTANBUL: The Book of Istanbul, edited by Jim Hinks and Gül Turner

Jim Hinks and Gül Turner (eds.), The Book of Istanbul (Comma Press, 2010) By Defne Çizakça Comma Press has been aiming to create literary collages of contemporary dwellings since 2006. They have collected… Continue reading

BEYOND THE GARDEN: A LOVE STORY – A short story by Chin Li

By Chin Li As he turned the corner, the garden came into view. Out-of-focus at first, then, in an instant, sorting itself into sharp relief against the gloomy sky. Walking up the rugged path… Continue reading

LIKE THIEVES IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: Mathias Enard’s ‘Street of Thieves’, translated by Charlotte Mandell

Mathias Enard, Street of Thieves, translated by Charlotte Mandell (Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2015)  by Andrew Rubens Charlie Hebdo recently published another cartoon that roused anger throughout the political sphere. Aylan Kurdi, Europe’s emblem of pity… Continue reading

IN THE NINETIES, WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG: Stuart David’s ‘In the All-Night Café’

This is part of an ongoing series on life in the twenty-first century city. More reviews, essays and travelogues will be posted on an occasional basis. The series aims to explore the felt reality of… Continue reading

From Glasgow to Yell: ‘Oo an Feddirs’ by Christie Williamson

Christie Williamson Oo an Feddirs (Luath Press, 2015) by Stewart Sanderson Oo an Feddirs is Christie Williamson’s first full-length collection of poems. It follows Arc o Möns, his 2010 pamphlet of Shetlandic Lorcas.… Continue reading


JENSON LEONARD is a Pittsburgh based poet and graduate of Duquesne University. His work has previously appeared in Uppagus, The SquawkBack, and Rune Literary Journal. He is currently biding his time on the internet… Continue reading


PETER MANSON lives in Glasgow.  His books include Poems of Frank Rupture (Sancho Panza Press), English in Mallarmé (Blart Books), For the Good of Liars and Adjunct: an Undigest (both from Barque) and Between Cup and Lip (Miami University… Continue reading

About Watching: Identification and the Animal

ECOCRITICISM NOW: The essays, reviews, and poetry collected in this thread trace responses to the interlinked terms nature, ecology, and ecocriticism, all of which have come to occupy increasingly important roles in a… Continue reading